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General Website of the National Eating Disorders Association. It offers treatment referrals, a media advocacy program, and links to other eating disorders associations. The Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center gives referrals to eating disorder specialists, treatment facilities and support groups. If you are not in the NY/NJ area, the American Dietetic Association’s Sport Cardiovascular and Wellness Nutritionist (SCAN) practice group has a Find a SCAN RD webpage help clients find experienced eating disorder dietitians. Mirror-Mirror is a tribute to individuals who are recovering from eating disorders. Boosting positive body image at any weight

Gluten Intolerance Products, publications, and facts pertaining to gluten intolerance The Celiac Disease Resource Inc provides research, information, and support groups throughout New York state

Eating Disorder & Body Image Books

Life Without Ed by Jenni Schaefer

Fat is a Feminist Issue by Susie Orbach

When Food is Love by Geneen Roth

Body Wars: Making Peace with Women’s Bodies by Margo Maine

Anorexia Nervosa: A Guide to Recovery by Lindsey Hall and Monika Ostroff

Insulin Resistance and PCOS

The Schwarzbein Principle, Book 1 by Dr. Diana Schwarzbein

Other Links

National Eating Disorders Association

Academy of Eating Disorders

International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals

Eating Disorder Resource Catalog (Gurze)

National Institute of Health

Eating Referral Resource

We Are The Real Deal

Break the chain video for women and girls

Mentor – an online resource that matches you with a mentor for those wanting a bit more support with their recovery.


Recovery Record – for meal planning, mood mindfulness, and accountability
Eat, drink and be Mindful

Diet is a 4 Letter Word.

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